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Tribal Spirit

Wearing tribal colours, teams compete in a series of creative and engaging team building challenges, staged in a rotation-based format. Team members must learn to work together effectively to successfully complete various physical and mental challenges which may include solving giant puzzles, transporting valuable resources, designing and building structures and much more. With its focus on individual and team strength, this event is designed to promote teamwork and collaboration and for classmates to build a strong sense of community.

Earth & Water

Working in tandem or in larger canoe groups, students will connect with nature and their peers as they paddle the various lakes and rivers, or the Pacific Ocean, of the Lower Mainland. While developing basic or advanced canoeing skills, students will explore BC’s beautiful geography from a waterfront perspective and learn about Canada’s rich and diverse culture.

The Orienteer’s Pursuits


Description: In teams of 4-6, students will learn traditional orienteering methods and practices. Along with navigational tools and event guidelines they are then tasked with navigating their environment to a variety of facilitated and self-facilitated team challenges. Teams will have to use use strategy, planning and collaboration to successfully complete all checkpoints and finish the race in the quickest time possible.

Whether a stand-alone team-building or leadership workshop, a conference, or a series of custom training sessions, you can be sure that your Pinnacle Pursuits experience will be directly applicable to your team or school’s organizational culture, leadership vision, training content, and of course, students!