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Team-Building Events

Looking to Build a Rock-Solid Team?

Pinnacle Pursuits continues to produce value to hundreds of clients year after year through creative, high impact, action-based team-building experiences locally and around the world.

Whether it’s for 15 participants or 1,015 participants, a one-day event to enhance a training seminar, or as part of a retreat or conference, Pinnacle Pursuits' experiential team-building events and adventures are not just challenging and fun - they are meaningful, transferable, results-focused and unforgettable!

tick Share strengths and boost team spirit tick Strengthen personal and team resilience
tick Empower action tick Build support and trust
tick Enhance innovation and creativity tick Elevate individual and group potential

All of these activities are highly customizable and can be combined with one of our interactive workshops or training and consulting programs for a more complete and fulfilling program.


Tribal Spirit Challenge

Any Large Park or Outdoor Setting


Celebrate and honour your organizational culture, team spirit and values inspired by the theme of the day through a competitive, high spirited event. Wearing tribal colours, teams compete with other teams in a series of visually exciting, creative initiatives and obstacle-based stations, culminating into one final all-team challenge!


Serious Play & Teamwork

Any Park Setting or Indoor Area


Serious Play is a mix of tried and tested highly creative and facilitated team-building initiatives. With the use of Lego, ropes, marbles, rubber chickens, and other fun props, this session will have teams laughing one moment and reflecting on team process and workplace culture the next, making for a fun, collaborative, all-inclusive play day!

Amazing Adventure Race

Urban or Wilderness Locations

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Starting with a mass creative challenge to earn their orienteering map and passport, teams disperse into the urban jungle, large park and/or wilderness landscape. With clues in hand, each team will be under pressure to seek specific checkpoints, complete challenges, and get to know each other better along the way. 

Icebreakers & Energizers

Any Park Setting or Indoor Area


Perfect for breaking the awkwardly formal air so often present at workshops, conferences and networking events. These social games will get people from different teams, departments or companies mingling, cooperating and competing in quick, fun, and challenging activities that will open them up to working and communicating together in the activities that follow.

High Ropes Challenges

Exclusive Conference Venues

High Ropes

Pinnacle Pursuits’ High Ropes Challenge courses bring high adventure and impactful learning experiences into a safe and controlled setting up in the trees. With proper mental training and after suiting up in safety gear, this is an intensive experience that everyone can enjoy, focusing on themes such as inter-team trust and support, controlled risk taking, shared vulnerability, renewed respect, personal challenge, and growth.


Low Ropes Challenges

Exclusive Conference Venues

Low Ropes


A great progression to the High Ropes, but closer the ground, these innovative initiatives and challenges are built with cables, ropes, swings, and wooden platforms and are suspended no higher than a metre from the ground. The course components are designed so that team members must rely on each other to overcome obstacles – focusing on areas of group dynamics that include communication, problem-solving, support, and trust.


Survivor Pursuits

Any Large Park or Outdoor Setting

Survivor Pursuits

Based on the TV Show Survivor, team “tribes” compete in large group activities that require creativity, collaboration, innovation and physical and mental stamina. Complete with tribal chants, bandana buffs, cheers and face paint, this is a classic high-energy Pinnacle event!

World GPS Adventures  

Top Landmarks & Tourist Locations


This high-tech, Amazing Race-style event uses GPS devices to help search for plotted points, hidden “geo-caches”, and interactive team challenges. Participants will feel the thrill of the hunt and competition while working with their team to complete the course! Great for networking and learning about chosen areas in the city.

Customized Adventures

Anywhere on the Planet!


You dream it, we create it! Whether in the desert in Phoenix Arizona, in the jungles of Thailand, on top of Whistler Mountain, or on a Caribbean Cruise Ship, we specialize in creating unforgettable, once-in-a-lifetime, exclusive adventures and team-building experiences. Call us today to brainstorm a location and experience to meet your wildest hopes and dreams!


Any Large Park or Outdoor Setting



Teams divide and conquer a water and land orienteering race in canoes and on trails. With only a map, guidelines and some safety gear in hand, each team will be under pressure to navigate the landscape and trails, working together to find and solve mystery team-building challenges along the way, and ultimately end victoriously!


Land & Sea “Canadiana”

Anywhere Outdoors with Water


This unique land & sea team-building event uniquely combines the best of ‘Tribal Spirit Challenge’ with traditional Voyageur Canoes. Teams will divide and take turns being on land and at sea. They will compete in a series of challenges where strategy, collaboration, and stamina are key. During midway point (BBQ lunch) teams will rendezvous – Canadian Style with live music - to discuss strategies, share successes, and compete to the finale!

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