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Interactive Workshops

Looking to Improve Interpersonal Skills
and Group Dynamics?

Learn foundational building blocks for personal development that will inspire your people to move forward in themselves, in their relationships, and in their work.

Through a mix of the best of learning, leadership, and team theory combined with the best of activity, we have created a series of training programs based on our Pinnacle Performance Pyramid, our proven model for success.

With this model, we give leaders, trainers, and teams constructive, tangible, sustainable skills and tools that will help change the way team members think, feel, and behave, in order to help inspire peak performance, growth, and success.

tick Clarify your visions and values tick Inspire creativity and leadership
tick Create structured decision-making processes tick Build new undertandings
tick Communicate with respect and care tick Move forward with purpose

All of these activities are highly customizable and can be combined with one of our team-building events or training and consulting programs for a more complete and fulfilling program.


Visioning & Values

Helping You Define & Create Your Future


Based on the Visioning level of the Pinnacle Performance Pyramid, our Team Visioning and Values program is all about active imagination, visualization, goal-setting, creativity, expression, and voice. Through illuminating questionnaires, inspiring brainstorming, and creative exercises, this session will engage participants to paint a meaningful picture, unite common values, create a shared vision for the future, and recognize how every member of the team can express themselves and contribute with purpose.

Team Communication

Clear Communication = Clear Leadership


Based on the Communication level of the Pinnacle Performance Pyramid, as well as Marshal Rosenberg’s Non-Violent Communication (NVC), this workshop addresses what is required to help create positive dialogue. Our facilitator will use our unique Communication Wheel model to guide users through an approach that includes looking at facts, acknowledging our assumptions, clarifying our needs, and discovering what we are willing to do to meet these needs  - all while using an empowering and collaborative approach.

True Colours

Who's on your Team? Effective Team Diversity

True Colours

Based on the Understanding level of the Pinnacle Performance Pyramid, this workshop looks at the value of different working styles and the importance of effective team diversity. Participants undergo a personality assessment to find their own “colours”. No one colour is best, and in this workshop, team members will learn about each personality type, and come away with a greater understanding of how to work with each other – and with themselves.

Team EQ

Understanding your Emotional Intelligence

Team EQ - Iceberg Image

Based on the Understanding level of the Pinnacle Performance Pyramid, this workshop examines Emotional Intelligence, the intelligence or skill needed to perceive, assess and positively manage and influence our own and each other’s emotions. Using the research and teachings of Daniel Goleman, this workshop uses an assessment and an interactive card game in conjunction with traditional teaching to develop participants’ emotional awareness. Put into practice, these competencies create an environment of high participation, cooperation and collaboration.


Navigating Change Effectively

Embracing the Unknown!

Navigating Change

The only thing that is constant is change. Being creatures of habit, change may foster more resistance in some people than others; yet it is key to our survival and growth, personally and organizationally. By understanding the psychology of change, and analyzing our belief-thought-action pattern, this workshop will help participants see why they respond the way they do, explore creative means to re-frame their beliefs, and commit to move forward with a renewed sense of hope and confidence.

Total Breakthrough

Know Fear, Embrace the Challenge, and Win!


When it comes to embracing change and beginning new projects, we often have the know-how, but are limited by fear – or our ability to believe we can do it, take initiative and just go for it! Through proven experiential methods, this hands-on interactive workshop will help participants understand what they truly want, see what may be blocking them, help remove obstacles, and create a new paradigm of self-belief and initiative. It will inspire, empower and transform!

Interactive Workshops

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Corporate Programs


    "When it comes to innovative Team Building Events, Pinnacle Pursuits was the best we have ever worked with. They truly listened to our needs and were able to customize our event to fit our specific vision...Moments from the event are still referenced by the team on a daily basis. Highly recommended!"

    - Dave Taylor, Leadership Development & Events Lead, Lululemon Athetica


    "Any organization or group that uses their talents will see immediate results."

    - James Olson; Specialist, Employee Development, Coast Capital Savings

  • "It was just short of phenomenal. A combination of mental and physical skills, heavily sprinkled with team building...the fun and celebration factor was 9.9 out of was our best YPO (member-only) retreat in 12 years!"

    - Marc Bombenon, President; PDL Mobility, YPO Member

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Executive Journeys

Fly Higher & Dive Deeper

Executive Journeys

Inspire the leader within and take your executives out into the wilderness! Great companies know that true personal leadership is a constant learning journey, reflecting the change in complexity, demands and expectations that businesses - and therefore we personally - continuously face. Whether it is mapping the plan, managing risk, new innovations, or dealing with changing environmental influences, leadership through adventure can be an extraordinary experience of collaboration, change and growth. 

Think Like a Business Owner

Play like an Entrepreneur

Think Like a Business Owner

This workshop uses an interactive board game to empower your staff and challenge them to adopt a spirit of entrepreneurship and seriously look at ROI in their decision-making. After an initial PowerPoint presentation, each table gets its own board, and will make decisions and deal with scenarios analogous to those that appear in real-world business. All levels of staff will come away with an entirely new way of thinking, and will be equipped to face the many challenges of enterprise!

Train the Trainers

From Instruction to Facilitation

Train the Trainers

Using a combination of all our theoretical and practical-based courses and training methods, this is an intensive professional development program for new and/or senior leaders and trainers.  It includes experiential facilitation techniques and coaching skills that will help your people lead, influence, educate, empower and inspire others. Whether it’s to help them create training curriculum, implement and deliver curriculum, and/or evaluate results and progressive learning and capacity-building skills, this course is highly customizable to your organizational culture and thus your specific needs and objectives as you build a empowered team and grow your organization.


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