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Adventure Education & Outdoor Camps 

Think Outside, No Box Required

Pinnacle Pursuits hosts a variety of outdoor programs and adventures designed on the principles of experiential learning, where youth learn by having a unique experience in nature and reflecting on how it can influence positive development within themselves.

Our activities are taught by skilled instructors who will help challenge participants to learn and grow both individually and as a group. Let Pinnacle Pursuits plan and facilitate a single day event, overnight adventure or a weekend retreat that will be sure to provide you and your students, club or sports team with an impactful experience and fresh perspective. 

tick Challenge yourself through the power of adventure

tick Build self-confidence and self-awareness

tick Connect with others in a safe environment

tick Discover your passions and engage your strengths

tick Create a deeper respect for nature

Some of our more popular mobile outdoor education programs may include:

Wilderness Preparation

Learn to Build Shelter and Fire, and More!

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Participants learn wilderness survival and safety skills, which they then apply in a variety of outdoor activities including: basic camp craft and fire building, knot-tying, critter catching, shelter building, weather hazards and communication signals, gear preparation and the ten essentials, leave no trace practices and general environmental awareness. This activity is especially effective during the colder months.


Navigation & Orienteering

Solving Clues with Map & Compass

Using traditional orienteering methods (map and compass), participants will work together in order to navigate their way along various trails and towards specific checkpoints where they will decipher clues. Orienteering skills that participants will learn include: compass reading, map reading, how to take a bearing, how to use a legend, pacing, orientation and the importance of visual landmarks. This activity focuses on teamwork, direction, communication and navigation.

Ecology & Environmental Studies

Exploring Nature in Forests & Trails


Participants will explore the diversity of the temperate rainforest by way of a nature hike through the surrounding forests. Themes that will be explored in this activity include: environmental stewardship & impact, respect for the earth, awareness of our surroundings, and developing an understanding of ecosystem sustainability. These concepts are paramount for living synergistically with nature. In this hiking exploration, participants will learn how to identify certain trees, plants and animals that are found along the trail and ideally develop a respect and appreciation for their natural surroundings.

Other adventure and outdoor activities we can host at our partnered retreat centres can include:

High Ropes Challenge Course

Embrace Adventure up in the Trees!

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This is a highly unique and intensive experience for groups looking for a challenge! The High ropes course is a series of intriguing and intimidating obstacles and elements 30ft off the ground. Attached to a harness and secured to a belay system, youth take a leap of faith through the trees into the realm of leadership, confidence and perceived risk. During this activity, participants will focus on communication, personal challenge and team support.

Low Ropes Challenge Course

Build Trust and Teamwork!

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This activity is for groups who are looking for an interactive and strategic group challenge and bonding experience. Imagine a series of obstacles built 2-3 feet above the forest floor with cables, ropes and wooden platforms to support you. Challenges include intentionally facilitated trust exercises and team initiatives that are designed to motivate individuals and groups to work together, communicate effectively, problem solve and build trust.


Rock Climbing / Climbing Wall

Reach New Heights

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Rock-climbing is about personal challenge, goal setting, communication, team support, and celebration! Whether it is on a natural rock face or featured climbing wall, participants will feel their strength while learning basic climbing techniques, professional belay methods, bouldering strategies, spotting considerations and of course embracing the adventure.


Adventure Education & Outdoor Camps

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    "When it comes to innovative Team Building Events, Pinnacle Pursuits was the best we have ever worked with. They truly listened to our needs and were able to customize our event to fit our specific vision...Moments from the event are still referenced by the team on a daily basis. Highly recommended!"

    - Dave Taylor, Leadership Development & Events Lead, Lululemon Athetica


    "Any organization or group that uses their talents will see immediate results."

    - James Olson; Specialist, Employee Development, Coast Capital Savings

  • "It was just short of phenomenal. A combination of mental and physical skills, heavily sprinkled with team building...the fun and celebration factor was 9.9 out of was our best YPO (member-only) retreat in 12 years!"

    - Marc Bombenon, President; PDL Mobility, YPO Member

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Rappelling (Abseiling)

Rappel down a Natural Rock Face!


Our qualified instructors use the best safety gear to help encourage and support you in this thrilling experience. Not only will we teach you how to belay (work the ropes), but you will also enjoy the courage and confidence that surrounds you as you rappel down natural rock face.



Aim for the Bull’s-Eye!

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Channel your inner Robin Hood or Katniss as you learn about the different parts of a bow and arrow, and receive instruction to develop your technique and practice your shot. Participants will focus on safe practice and goal setting while enjoying this artful sport.


Raft Building

Design, Build & Problem-Solve

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With a set time limit and a variety of supplies, participants will learn the basics of designing and building a functional raft that will require groups to work together, communicate clearly and plan ahead in order to keep afloat!



A Truly Traditional Canadian Experience

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Participants of all ages will develop skills and practice Canada’s most traditional method of travel, the canoe. Participants will learn about canoe safety, parts of the paddle and the canoe, specific paddling strokes and the basics of tandem paddling. The canoeing experience promotes communication and teamwork with a partner and includes a gentle paddle, learning techniques, studying and observing the surrounding environment and of course, playing.

Survivor Pursuits

Outwit, Outplay, Outlast with Pinnacle Pursuits!

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Combining the popular TV shows Survivor and The Amazing Race with the energy of Pinnacle Pursuits, this is a fast-paced competitive team event! Teams learn to work together effectively to successfully meet the various physical and mental challenges, including obstacle courses, brain teasers and much more! With its strength-based approach, this event is designed to promote teamwork and unity. Survivors ready?

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