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Corporate Programs

Team-Building, Training and Consulting


Creative leadership training programs and award-winning team-building events that engage your people, build high-performing teams and inspire positive action!
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Youth Programs

Gateway to Leadership and Adventure-Education


Hands-on, adventure-learning programs and award winning events that challenge and inspire youth to embrace their life with confidence and move forward with purpose.
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Charity Challenges

High Profile Fundraisers that Make a Difference


Inspiring charity challenge events and philanthropic initiatives that engage companies, build communities, and contribute to meaningful causes. Get involved today!
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Pinnacle Pyramid

BUILDING OUR FOUNDATION: Team Vitals – Pinnacle Performance Pyramid 


The Pinnacle Performance PyramidTM or the 8 Keys to Highly Effective Teams, is the foundation of our programs and our success. 


This is Pinnacle Pursuits’ signature model for evolving people, teams, organizations and relationships. We use this tool as our assessment and diagnostic tool for evaluating the various components that make up effective relationships. We also often use the model to kick off our sessions, which give the programs context and a framework to help participants identify the tools they will be learning to use.

The model takes into account the fact that learning is a multi-stage process, so for progress to be made in a given area, certain skills and capacities must first be built up. We build teams and organizational cultures with a foundation of aligning a shared vision and set of values, so that clear communication, understanding, and trust can be developed. By ensuring this foundation, we can help build teams that commit and are capable of solving problems, taking risks, changing, and growing.

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