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Meet Our Team

It starts at initial contact. Our people are committed to building strong relationships and understanding what is important to you so that we know how best to serve you and your people.

We have different staff and teams for our various events and activities, so the people you meet on event day will vary depending on what kind of program you want. Below you can meet our core team members who are involved in nearly all of our projects:


Jonathan Willcocks Founder and Chief Visionary

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Jonathan is a sought-after team-building facilitator and trainer, experiential educator, skilled transformational coach, motivational speaker, adventurer, father, and award-winning entrepreneur. His primary focus is on the value of adventure in developing your own organizational ‘story’ and leadership potential. He is a Certified Executive Leadership, Team and Co-Active Professional Life Coach, and holds a Bachelor of Education degree in Kinesiology and Human Potential; as well, he is qualified in almost all adventure and wilderness pursuits. Most importantly, Jonathan helps businesses, individuals, teams and leaders to achieve their full potential, develop critical life skills, and achieve even their wildest goals. Having worked in over 11 countries and for hundreds of reputable organizations and businesses in both the private and public sector, he has a proven success record. Through workshops, keynotes and adventure-learning programs, he provides invaluable training experiences - coaching teams, facilitating discussions and team-building efforts, building community and social impact, and ensuring everyone shares a common vision. Jonathan has a refreshing and fun approach to learning and his enthusiasm for life and leadership is contagious!


Dom Kotarski Senior Consultant & Trainer

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Dominic is a certified master coach, globe trotter, author, serial entrepreneur, a fun loyal husband and father of three dynamic teenage boys! He has trained and coached 1000's of salespeople including executives and business owners from around the world. Thirty years of international business experience has allowed him to personally build multi-million dollar sales companies in Australia, England and Holland. During this time he has helped 100’s of entrepreneurs in 12 different countries to build their own multi-million dollar sales enterprises. Like every entrepreneur he's had his ups and downs over the years, which makes him the perfect coach to help others through their own business building challenges. He's an expert in sales, team building, change management and personal motivation as well as the author of internationally acclaimed book, ‘The Making - A complete Sales Guide’. Dom is thrilled to be at the helm of corporate sales and along with Jonathan, leading the success of Pinnacle Pursuits Corporate Training and Team-Builiding Division.


Liam Mumford Manager, Extraordinary Youth Programs


Liam is a creative, artistic and athletic talent who has immersed himself in the field of youth education and program development. He spent over five years working with various summer camps throughout the US and successfully undertook the role of assistant director at one of the largest summer camps in the States. He has also travelled extensively and has worked on multiple continents. He takes pride in setting clear goals and having a strong work ethic to achieve those objectives. Coming from the UK, Liam graduated with a degree in Dramatic Arts, which has made him very approachable, resourceful and quick-thinking. Liam has also been active his whole life and loves taking on new challenges, both physical and mental, whether it be through team sports, snowboarding, hiking, surfing, and almost anything that requires drive and desire. Liam loves anything that is hands-on and thought-provoking especially objective-based team games. He is very passionate about encouraging others to succeed and is very excited to pass on his wealth of skills and knowledge here at Pinnacle Pursuits.


Emma Zaozerskaia Manager, Youth Programs (currently on maternity leave)

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Having always wanted to work with children and youth in experiential settings, Emma spent a number of summers working at residential outdoor education centres and summer camps before moving into formal teaching. After teaching for a few years, in private schools in both Ontario and Italy, Emma decided it was time for a new challenge. Based on her interests in group facilitation, teambuilding and personal leadership development, she spent a year in Eastern Canada designing and coordination curriculum based programs to help youth learn more about themselves, discover who they are and how they can make difference in the world around them. Emma holds Bachelor of Education in Teaching as well as a Bachelor of Education in Applied Sciences in Child Studies. She also has a diverse range of experiential facilitation and outdoor education instructional skills and is well trained in first aid. Now with her recent and exciting transplant to the Westcoast of Canada, Emma is enthusiastic to be back outdoors sharing her love and experience and inspiring character development through adventure-based learning experiences with Pinnacle Pursuits.


Jake Czerpak Manager, Corporate Events & Engagement

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Jake is an athlete, new dad, and inspiring facilitator! He has always been destined to work in education, as he grew up surrounded by a family of teachers and coaches. His love for the outdoors and being active led him to Pinnacle in 2015 and he hasn’t looked back since! From the UK originally, his own adventures have sent him around the world, giving him the chance to visit many countries and live in the Netherlands, France, Germany, and of course Canada. Jake brings diverse experiences to his role, having obtained a Degree in Modern Languages & Linguistics before working in project management, copywriting, outdoor adventure and spending more than five years teaching English to both adult and young learners. He can happily be found in the ocean on a surfboard or in a kayak, up a mountain with a snowboard, on a hiking trail or simply on a field with a rugby ball in hand. Jake is extremely passionate about giving people – at all levels - the chance to experience the many benefits of adventure-education, both emotionally and physically. With his approachable personality and wonderful sense of humour, he has an innate ability to connect on a human level and create a positive, trusting environment for anyone to achieve their goals.


Nathan Rehorick  Event Architect, Charity & Corporate Events Manager

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Nathan has been working in the adventure camp and wilderness guiding industry in the Lower Mainland for the past many years. For the past five years, he was the manager for stakeholder engagement at The HIVE, a reputable rock-climbing, bouldering and yoga centre in Vancouver, where he developed the logistics and systems for people, programs and events. Nathan’s formal education is actually as a trained architect, but after several years of ‘head-down’, he realized he wanted more from life through his passion for people, groups dynamics, and personal growth. This inspired him to turn his attention to creating a healthier holistic life for himself and others through the design and facilitation of experiential-based events. Through the re-exploring and re-training, he is now a certified yoga teacher and has become qualified at various outdoor instructional skills sets. He has also enjoyed competing in various community events, adventure races and fundraisers. Nathan’s natural eye for thoughtful detail and organizational systems combined with his passion and experience for customer engagement, communication, and creating meaningful experiences, is truly unique – a perfect match for his new role at Pinnacle Pursuits. In his ‘off’ time, he switches ‘on’ by climbing, skiing, yoga, nature photography, and hiking in our local mountains. 


Josh Davis Senior Facilitator

Josh - bio pic

Josh  joined the Pinnacle Team after relocating to Vancouver from the UK (once he discovered that living here means having climbing, snowboarding, mountain biking, trail running and the ocean all on your doorstep). In the UK, he spent several years working for youth development organizations and for international charity challenge and fundraising projects. The latter has seen him organize and lead challenges and fundraising-based events and expeditions in countries all over the world, such as Zambia, Morocco, Tanzania, Nepal and Ecuador, as well as both the North and South Poles. He is passionate about the industry, especially from a nature-based and sustainability perspective, and has been enjoying transferring his wisdom while supporting to organize and facilitate top notch adult learning events and adventure-based training programs. 



Andrea Burk Senior Consultant, Corporate Trainer and Facilitator

Andrea Burke

Andrea has been facilitating leadership development programs with Pinnacle Pursuits since 2007.  With an extensive background in sports, wilderness recreation and therapy, as well as high performance training, coupled with her energetic and enthusiastic approach to learning, she makes a perfect fit for our culture and client needs. She holds a Master`s Degree in Leadership from Royal Roads University where she researched how high performing teams and cultures can thrive in high performance environments.  She brings this passion for team growth and performance to her work every day and intends to continue her research to a PhD.  Andrea truly 'lives what she does' as a member of Canada's National Senior Women's Rugby team who recently won a silver medal at the 2014 Rugby World Cup.



Kate Macleod Senior Facilitator


Kate has been with Pinnacle Pursuits since 2008. She is instrumental in program design and management, experiential group facilitation as well as staff training, risk management, and on-site client care. Academically, Kate has attained a Bachelor of Physical and Health Education, Bachelor of Science-Biology, and a Bachelor of Education at Queen’s University in Ontario, Canada. She is also highly certified in various levels o f wilderness skills, canoeing, mountaineering, high ropes, and first aid. Kate previously lead ‘at-risk’ youth on multi-day canoe trips through the beautifully rustic lakes of Ontario. Now she facilitates `fresh air` experiences to create the space for personal development and transformation! Kate enjoys continually challenging her facilitation style with every group she works with in order to provide the most unique and engaging programs.  By being honest, open, and real, Kate encourages others to also practice finding their true selves and follow the path that provides the most meaning in life.


Jori Bojm Creative Marketing and Storybuilding

Jori - Bio PicsmallJori first joined Pinnacle Pursuits in 1997 as a quirky teenager in search of adventure.  To keep her out of trouble (or more specifically, out of his hair) Jono kept her busy running odd jobs around the office.  In exchange, she received valuable lessons in leadership, team building and group facilitation. A creative instigator, explorer, and passionate storyteller, Jori went on to complete a degree in Communications from Simon Fraser University and a diploma in Public Relations from Langara College which (between bouts of travel and self-discovery) led to a successful career in Marketing, Public Relations and Small Business Development.  One of her entrepreneurial claims to fame is her launch of an innovative company in the heart of Vancouver’s artisan’s centre, Granville Island. Today she is thrilled to be back at Pinnacle Pursuits headquarters working hard to keep the world up to date with all the exciting events and programs the company has to offer!  


Adele Cooshek Base Camp Coordinator

Adele - bio picAdele is an essential member of our Pinnacle Pursuits team and helps keeps everything running smoothly from an administration and operations perspective. With a highly creative and organized mind, a wealth of experience in leading youth and adult wilderness expeditions, and trained in Wilderness First Aid, she is also an excellent addition to programs. Adele is a certified Paddle Canada Kayaking Instructor, Canoe Tripping Leader, and Voyageur Canoe Guide, as well as an expert in designing and facilitating creative arts and crafts experiences. Passionate about the outdoors and inspiring youth, she loves to share her enthusiasm and knowledge with others and volunteers extensively with Girl Guides of Canada. On weekends she can be found hiking in the mountains, kayaking on the ocean, making something amazingly creative, or doing any one of the multitude of other wilderness activities she enjoys.


Sean Dales Marketing and Communication Specialist

Sean professional 2014Sean specializes in all things marketing, as well as business writing and idea generation. His creative mind and love of fun also make him well suited for event planning, especially when games are involved! In his spare time, Sean can be found writing, recording and performing music (check him out on Spotify!) or locked in a strategic battle of wits with friends around a board game. Sean looks forward to making every Pinnacle Pursuits event as educational, efficient and fun as possible.

Adeis an essential member of our Pinnacle Pursuits team and helps keeps everything running smoothly from an administration and operations perspective. With a highly creative and organized mind, a wealth of experience in leading youth and adult wilderness expeditions, and trained in wilderness fisrt aid, she is also an excellent addition to programs. Adele is a certified Paddle Canada Kayaking Instructor, Canoe 
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    "When it comes to innovative Team Building Events, Pinnacle Pursuits was the best we have ever worked with. They truly listened to our needs and were able to customize our event to fit our specific vision...Moments from the event are still referenced by the team on a daily basis. Highly recommended!"

    - Dave Taylor, Leadership Development & Events Lead, Lululemon Athetica


    "Any organization or group that uses their talents will see immediate results."

    - James Olson; Specialist, Employee Development, Coast Capital Savings

  • "It was just short of phenomenal. A combination of mental and physical skills, heavily sprinkled with team building...the fun and celebration factor was 9.9 out of was our best YPO (member-only) retreat in 12 years!"

    - Marc Bombenon, President; PDL Mobility, YPO Member

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