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What are our Clients Saying?


"Since 1999, I have hired Pinnacle Pursuits for various team-building and leadership retreats for a diverse range of objectives with different project groups . . . I have been personally impressed with the professionalism and creativity that the Pinnacle Pursuits team brings to each assignment."
   - Shauna Grinke; HR Manager 



"Thank you for the enjoyable team-building day you conducted for us at Electronic Arts Canada . . . it was received with great enthusiasm . . . The quality of your service and the passion and experience you bring to everything you do is evident in the results you attained from our team. Thanks again for a wonderful job, a well-designed day and an amazing experience."
   - Lynda Brown; Development Director


"I have had a number of people say that it was the best-balanced and most engaging team session we have had to date. We'll be back to see if you're available at our next session!" 

   - Simon Cumming, MBA; Manager, Government and Community Relations; BC Hydro-Dunsmuir



"Pinnacle Pursuits facilitated multiple sessions of planning, problem-solving, open communication, leadership and team-building. Teams took away significant learning and the participants had nothing but positive feedback with regards to the experience. Taking away significant learning about themselves and their new team members was a common theme . . . I highly recommend Pinnacle Pursuits and the work they do. Any organization or group that uses their talents will see immediate results."                              

   - James Olson; Specialist, Employee Development



“It is without hesitation that we would recommend Pinnacle Pursuits; their philosophy, refreshing approach, and expert professionalism will surely benefit any group they work with.”

   - Barbara Alivojvodic, Faculty Administrator, UBC Faculty of Forestry


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“This 2 day retreat could not have been planned or facilitated more perfectly. Thank you. It is exactly what we needed. You did an excellent job.”

— David Loukedelis, Privacy Commissioner of BC



“This experiential learning program helped our employees establish relationships and increase collaboration with team members. These new relationships have fostered an increase in the sharing of resources and ideas to support our products and promotions.”

— Monika Wight, Training Manager Pfizer Animal Health



"Thanks for an incredible day!  It was amazing to see my team from 11 offices spread over thousands of kilometers come together and be so engaged as a group and have so much fun.  They left to go back to their respective offices on a real high. Our goals of empowering the team to step out of their comfort zones were met and then some! You did a wonderful job. Many thanks for a great experience!"

— Susan Maillot, Field Service Operations Team Lead



“Jonathan, you helped make a fun experience even more meaningful and set the stage for a great sales conference. Thank you for your time, talents and positive energy!” 

– Scott Wood, National Sales Manager, Ropak Packaging Corp.



“I would recommend these workshops to any business owners who are forward thinking and want to improve their customer service, team’s dynamics and process.” 

– Steve Whiteside, Director



"Our people are now connected and see their potential…It made a huge difference. Thank you Pinnacle!” 

– Shauna Grinke, Director of Human Resources 



“Thank you Pinnacle Pursuits for the outstanding leadership event you produced for our group during our conference. The fun and creative event exceeded our expectations...we will definitely call on your services again!” 

– Kelly Peacy, VP, Professional – Canada Region