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About Pinnacle Pursuits


Action-Learning Experiences that Engage, Inspire and Transform!

Pinnacle Pursuits Inc. is dedicated to building exceptional human beings and peak performing leaders and teams through meaningful experiential learning adventures and extraordinary events. 


Since 1997, Pinnacle Pursuits has been organizing award-winning experiential leadership programs and large-scale team-building events and adventures. We have inspired and engaged organizations, youth groups, families, communities, and corporations, both locally and globally in reaching their potential and achieving long-lasting results.

Having delivered programs in 11 countries and impacting over 275,000 people world-wide, the Pinnacle Pursuits team has redefined the art of teamwork, personal leadership development, and engaged social responsibility.

We are a full service event consultation, facilitation and management company and offer a full range of services to make your unique training experience or special event a reality. We know exactly what works and how to bring people together.

We provide business services in three main service divisions: Corporate Programs, Youth Programs and Charity Challenge Events. Corporations, youth groups and not-for-profit organizations have many differences, and each must be approached uniquely. They do, however, share a common need for engagement, meaning, leadership development, and social responsibility. These are areas in which Pinnacle Pursuits specializes, so we are well equipped to provide team-building events, interactive workshops, retreats and conferences will address these needs and create memorable experiences in all three of these divisions.

Our team is committed to inspiring people to engage their strengths and recognize their potential.Through the facilitation of unique experiential-learning adventures and extraordinary events, we strive to be a global leader in providing meaningful opportunities for people to connect, challenge themselves, develop new skills, expand their perspectives, and achieve peak levels of performance, growth and transformation within themselves, in their relationships, and in their work.

Our Vision is simple:To empower and inspire people to learn, grow and succeed together, to achieve the extraordinary, and make the world a better place.

Our Why

"People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care."
– Jonathan Willcocks

We believe . . . that in a world that is constantly changing in complexity, continues to grow in demands and expectations, and where 'disconnect' is becoming more prevalent, the same thread of humanness continues to run through each of us: The need and drive to be curious, learn, connect with others, understand and be understood, feel valued among peers, trust one another, take risks, challenge ourselves, live and work with purpose, and achieve. These qualitative experiences may be difficult to measure, but that does not undermine their importance; they have an enormous impact on personal growth, confidence, happiness, and overall performance and success in all areas of life. We believe that these are the most important qualities and values for both individuals and teams, and also for humanity as a whole. At Pinnacle Pursuits, we dedicate our work and focus to the design and delivery of such experiences.

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    "When it comes to innovative Team Building Events, Pinnacle Pursuits was the best we have ever worked with. They truly listened to our needs and were able to customize our event to fit our specific vision...Moments from the event are still referenced by the team on a daily basis. Highly recommended!"

    - Dave Taylor, Leadership Development & Events Lead, Lululemon Athetica


    "Any organization or group that uses their talents will see immediate results."

    - James Olson; Specialist, Employee Development, Coast Capital Savings

  • "It was just short of phenomenal. A combination of mental and physical skills, heavily sprinkled with team building...the fun and celebration factor was 9.9 out of was our best YPO (member-only) retreat in 12 years!"

    - Marc Bombenon, President; PDL Mobility, YPO Member

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